We speak German too ;-)


Send your Stud Application via Contactform pls : OldBirchFarm@freenet.de


Stud Rules:


1. The Bitch can be any Breed but not to small/big

2. The Pups will have our Prefix FTD and your´re not allowed to change it!

3. You can´t change the Pups Color´s

4. You send me your Dog and i will send her back with the Pups

5: Send Updates all 4 Weeks (if you don´t send them we will reclaime the Pup!)



Application (Copy&Past this here!):


Your Name:

Your Emailadress:

Your Kennel/Stables Name:

Equus/SUKC/EA/EE/Equest-Sim Name (if you are there!!!):

Your Website (homepage) or FB Page:

Name of your Dog :

Breed of your Dog:

Which Male Dog from us ?:

Did you read our Rules and accept them? :